A David and Goliath twist: Street vendor arrested for “harassing” Philippine Chief Justice kin

The Philippine media reported today that a fish ball vendor in Manila got arrested and sent to jail for allegedly harassing the daughter-in-law and the son of the country’s Chief Justice (CJ) Lucas Bersamin.

This is quite an interesting twist of a David and Goliath version in the Philippine justice system. Poor fish ball vendor that he has to face the Goliaths in the justice system for the sake of having someone buy the fishballs that he offered.

According to official reports, Bersamin’s daughter-in-law named Bianca was on her way home when she encountered the fish ball seller at around 4pm on March 9.

The vendor asked Bianca to buy fish balls but the latter refused.

“Investigation disclosed that Lucas Bersamin Jr, 37 years old, surgeon… came to rescue his wife Bianca Bersamin, who is in distress after being shouted by a street vendor,” stated in the police report.

The report further stated that the Chief Justice’s son then came to rescue his wife from the alleged harassment incident.

In the heat of the incident, the street seller identified as Conrado Bingco, 38, pulled something from his pocket, which the couple suspected was a fiream.

The couple then called the police within the area leading to the arrest of the vendor.

After arriving at the police station it was figured out that the vendor has no firearms. He was just scaring the people around.

The kin of the Chief Justice is expected to charge the fish ball vendor unjust vexation and grave threat.

The police also said that the suspect admitted to the couple’s claim.

This story is interesting as it seems.

Would the Chief Justice’s kin drop the charges for the poor vendor seller might have had his good reason or will the couple stand for their claim and let the court decide?

That ending remains to be seen.

Source: Rappler

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