How does a bike motivate my little sister to do well at school?

When Papa got sick and later passed away, I noticed that our youngest sister was not that motivated enough to perform well at school.

She was absent from her classes often, was in and out of the hospital for stomach ache, fever or cough, and her school ratings dropped. Her grades were still fair enough, but it was not as good as what she used to have.

Her concerning attitude towards school kept on for two academic years. We tried to understand where Zin was coming from. The feeling of losing a father at a young age maybe traumatizing for her.

For this school year, we sealed a deal to keep her motivation going again. She was in fact the one who made the terms and conditions. I merely agreed to what she thought of.

She wanted a bike. So I agreed to buy her a bike should she study harder and enjoy learning more than the preceding years.

Since then, we noticed how she burnt candles at night and refrained from skipping classes unless necesarry.

And indeed, she completed this school year with flying colors.

As early as now, we wanted to let her understand the value of these three things:

1. The importance of education,
2. the good thing about delayed gratification, and
3. that success is the result of determination, hardwork and perseverance.

Now, she is enjoying her reward. 🙂

One thought on “How does a bike motivate my little sister to do well at school?

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