Why having good circle of friends in law school matters?

Law school is stressful.

But you will learn to enjoy it especially when you have good buddies who cheer you on during oral recitations and cry with you when you get low score in exams.

When I was in my first day of law school, I was scared. I thought I do not know anyone and all I can do is to go through the day hoping to meet new good friends.

Luckily, I met one of my seniors during my mass communication internship days. He might have forgotten my name but I introduced myself anyway.

Good thing, he still remembered me.

Until we found new genuine friends who added to our circle.

From two, we became seven working law students thriving through life and career together.

Good friends lessen your stress at school

As a law student, I have been used to days of heavy studying which really takes a toll on my health, phyiscal appearance (I swear my eyebags are often protruding and my hair looks hell.), and even on my capacity to interact with people.

I get too focused with my reading assignments that I have this tendecy to disregard social invites from people I use to hang out with.

Fortunately, I have good friends at school who helped me go through daily stress with still a bit of laughters from their weirdly cracked jokes.

It also feels good to know that someone else is able to actually relate to my emotional or physical struggle.

Having them around lessens the frustrations for having unread cases and unanswered exams.

With good friends, digesting cases becomes faster

In law school, one of the most time-consuming tasks is reading and digesting hundreds of pages of cases.

If I did it all alone, I would have consumed half of my time digesting cases instead of fully understanding its content.

What my friends and I usually do was total the number of cases that we needed to read and or digest in a day.

We divided the cases amongst ourselves to digest. We shared each of our digests to each other so that when we read the full text of the cases, we don’t need to worry about summarizing them again.

Good friends make you do good ( most of the time)

We have been through ups and downs from first year to second year in law school together.

Presently, some of us stopped law school and pursued other interests, but we still keep our contacts and meet often.

We help each other do better.

They helped me study my lessons seriously and write notes as fast as I can, so as I did to them.

They inspire me to not be left behind and just do my best in everything during my law school journey.

Today, some of us may have left law school and some are pursuing this law venture while we still can.

Good Friends? Yes they are important.

Although we grow individually, we still care for each other knowing that law school would not be the same without each other.

*I hope this blog can help and inspire my readers regardless of where they are from or whatever they do in life!

For Life and Law is also open to any article contribution which will potentially inspire others.

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